96 shots fired in fatal traffic stop. Chicago watchdog agency and bodycam video raise questions.

Tragic Incident in Chicago

On the late afternoon of March 21, Sheila Banks’ day took a devastating turn when her son Dexter Reed, aged 26, was fatally shot by Chicago police officers. The events leading up to the tragedy began with Reed heading out to enjoy his new SUV, casually informing his mother of his plans. The day ended in turmoil as Reed was gunned down on a residential corner.

According to the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA), the city’s police watchdog agency, the officers involved fired nearly 100 rounds in less than a minute. The stated reason for the initial stop was Reed’s alleged failure to wear a seat belt, a claim that has been brought into question by COPA, particularly in light of increasing tension over law enforcement’s use of deadly force.

In their release of the shooting footage, the police accountability board noted that Reed “appears” to have fired first. However, attorneys representing the family have emphasized the need for a thorough investigation. They have contested the constitutionality of the traffic stop and highlighted concerns about Chicago police falsely attributing seat belt violations as a basis for confrontational vehicle stops.

Most notably, the family’s legal representatives asserted on Tuesday that Reed was unarmed and in the process of surrendering when he was killed. As this tragic incident continues to unfold, it has raised significant concerns and sparked calls for a comprehensive and transparent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding Reed’s death.

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