Where did my initial money go?’: Patton Village residents fed up about tickets from years past

Two months after Eyewitness News first reported on warrants being issued for old traffic tickets in Patton Village, the community continues to face unresolved issues with the new court computer system.

In a recent interview with ABC13, James Spencer shared his frustration over a 17-year-old traffic ticket that resurfaced, preventing him from renewing his driver’s license. Despite claims from Patton Village that the new system has helped flag delinquent cases, residents like Spencer maintain that they are being incorrectly targeted.

Receiving a letter from the Texas Department of Public Safety regarding a pending 2007 case in Patton Village, Spencer expressed feeling cornered by the situation. Despite asserting that he had paid the ticket, the lack of proof led to him being informed by the city that no record of payment existed, prompting concerns about the accuracy of the court’s records.

Similar sentiments were echoed by others in the community who found themselves in similar predicaments, with some reporting having already settled their traffic tickets or being on payment plans. The absence of receipts made it challenging for individuals to dispute the claims made against them, raising questions about potential double payments and the whereabouts of the initial funds.

In a previous response to inquiries from ABC13, the city of Patton Village attributed the errors to data inaccuracies caused by the new court software, acknowledging that some individuals who had already paid were erroneously issued warrant notices. Despite assurances of efforts to address the issues, community members remain frustrated by the lack of progress in resolving their cases and clearing their names.

As the situation in Patton Village persists, affected residents like Spencer continue to advocate for transparency, accountability, and a swift resolution to the ongoing challenges surrounding old traffic tickets and the new court system.

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